About The Ceo

It all started with an Idea/Vision…

Back in 2018, I was sitting down talking to my husband. ( Who was only my boyfriend then, but he supported my dreams). I told him that I wanted to start a business and or a boutique for clothes. I started telling him all of my visions and how I could even sew some of my own work and place it on a website. He thought it was a “Dope Idea” . I told him I wanted something dealing with my “CLOSET” . You may wonder why?! Well, my friends would always say “ Girl, I need to shop in your “CLOSET” , or I’ve never seen you wear the same thing twice. Jon, says to me “ Call It” “CLOSET84 “ 84, was the year I was born. So it all made sense. I liked  it and ran with it. I started making logos and etc. When shopping with “CLOSET84” I want the outfits to make you feel sexy and flirty. I want the outfits to make a statement when you walk in a room. I want to provide an outfit for every occasion and most importantly I want you to have fun when shopping with CLOSET84...  I promise as the owner to give  the best customer service to my customers as that WILL always remain my GOAL & TOP PRIORITY. 


Now go shop and have fun in my CLOSET!